Isle of Skye Tours: Why Tour with us?

What makes us special?

The Isle of Skye, and the Scottish Highlands generally, are truly wonderful venues for tourists. The scenery is unbeatable! The wildlife is abundant! The people are friendly and welcoming… Let’s face it, were it not for the weather and the midges the Isle of Skye would be perfect! Actually even the weather and midges bring their own unique charm to the place… After all, were it not for the slight ‘dampness’ we wouldn’t have the wild, roaring waterfalls! And if it weren’t for the midges we wouldn’t have the lovely soft skin that some of the insect repellents cause! (That’s called ‘looking on the bright side’!)

On an island filled with fantastic sightseeing and tourism opportunities for visitors, why should you choose to come for a guided tour with Misty Isle Tours?

We offer something unique.

  1. Local Background and knowledge. Our tour guide, Stuart Mackinnon, grew up on the Isle of Skye. He is able to entertain you with interesting (and often humorous) stories, history and information that you simply won’t find in any book! Stuart will also take you off the beaten trail to some of Skye’s most spectacular – and largely unknown – viewpoints… Places you would only want to go with an experienced driver who’s driven many, many miles on Skye’s twisty single-track roads! We offer Isle of Skye Tours with a local guide.
  2. Tours with special little extra touches. Let’s be clear: Misty Isle Tours offers more than just bus trips! Our tours have been carefully planned to show you the best of Skye’s scenery and give plenty of opportunities for great photographs. But it’s the features beyond that which make each tour special as they give you unique opportunities to experience (and sometimes even to taste!) first-hand some of the great traditional aspects of Scottish Highland life and culture. These features will be unexpected little surprises along the way and are different on each tour. We think they will help you get a feel for the highlands in a way no amount of listening or reading ever could! All of our tours also include complimentary hot drinks and home-baked refreshments! We offer Isle of Skye tours with ‘that little bit extra’.
  3. Misty Isle Tours are for everyone! Our tours are not simply for those visitors who come to the Isle of Skye and Lochalsh without their own transport and are looking for a better option than relying on our (very limited!) public transport… They are for everyone! Leave the car behind for the day at your bed and breakfast, hotel or holiday home and experience Skye and Lochalsh a different way, learning and enjoying things that you could never experience in the car on your own! We offer Isle of Skye Tours with drivers and return-visitors in mind.
  4. Each of the tours we offer is unique. This year we have 3 set tours which offer completely different experiences of the Isle of Skye and Lochalsh. Even on the few occasions when the tours need to use some of the same sections of road there is always plenty of completely different scenery and information to turn your attention to. Why not make the most of our special offer for visitors who return to do another tour with us at any stage during the same year? (See our Special Offers page for more details). We offer a selection of completely unique Isle of Skye Tours.
  5. Highlights in your language. We have had summaries of all the important information on our tours translated into a wide selection of languages. Obviously we cannot promise we will have your language covered but we have a growing selection of languages printouts available so that you won’t miss out if you struggle with English. We offer Isle of Skye Tours you can understand.

In short, we believe we offer you tours of Skye you’ll never forget! We believe you will end your tour with us having gained an insight into the beautiful Scottish Highlands that you could never have otherwise experienced. We look forward to welcoming you (in Gaelic and English!) on one of our Isle of Skye Tours very soon!

We have a limited supply of baby seats and children’s booster seats available but would need advance notice if required.

We also have facilities on the minibus to take payments securely by credit and debit cards, contactless and Apple Pay.

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